You are missing out on a lot if you haven’t used these apps!


Siddharth Sai
4 min readJul 20, 2020

FOCOS is my favourite app when it comes to taking photos. You know how you are not satisfied with the Portrait mode on the iPhone? Maybe you want a little more depth on your photos. Look no further.

After using FOCOS you’ll wonder why this isn’t one the default camera app! FOCOS uses AI to understand the depth in a photo even if you are shooting with a single Lens phone like the 2020 SE or XR.

2. Bear

I love taking notes on the iPad. Yes the default notes app does a really good job with what it’s designed for. But Bear gives you a little more flexibility and simplicity. If you are writing a book or a novel or even a daily diary, its a great application with tons of features. Also dark mode!!

Look at those options at the bottom


I know you were looking for apps here but do you play Chess? Wanna play with someone who knows how to play chess in your family? Chess app is the most simplistic app out there. It’s easy to set up, easy to add someone to play with or hey, you can play with total random stranger over the internet. Why not?

4. Flow (Paid subscription)

This is an app that’s hard to believe that it wasn’t made by Apple. Are you an artist? This isn’t exactly Procreate, but the app is one of the best notes taking/ drawing app out there. Think of Flow as an infinite workspace. Try it!

5. Flowkey

Maybe you want to learn how to play the keyboard and you can’t find any good source on YouTube. Well there is an app for that. And this is that app. Look no further

There are tons of free songs to get started.

6. Gif Maker

As the name suggests, you can make Gif’s and do a bunch of things you can do with them.

7. Kwit

Are you an occasional smoker trying to find motivation to quit? This app is so well designed, you might just Kwit.

It’ll also show you how much money you have saved by not smoking. Hey maybe you can buy that Ferrari after all.

8. RNI Films

Bored of the usual instagram filters? How about some classic filters from genuine authentic vintage camera’s? Trust me the results were amazing when I tried it out.

That’s it for today folks!

Thanks for reading as usual.

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