Siddharth Sai
2 min readJun 2, 2021

There has not been a single leak this time from Apple. They have kept it so tight that even the best of leakers have nothing.

We are in that special time of the year again. The entire world has changed but not our enthusiasm for WWDC. iOS made some drastic changes last time which was eh - well had mixed reactions from different users. Many appreciated Apple’s new and bold move to introduce widgets and an App library but in terms of practical usability, iOS and iPadOS (don’t get me started) has a long way to go!

iOS 15 might be subtle but with important changes!

Dark mode!

Nothing major but I really would love to see the Dark mode variations. Basically a grey version of the dark mode, which isn’t completely black but maybe a Neomorphism UI based on grey gradients? Ok, that’s too much to ask quickly. But hoping for something.

Not a fan? Comment :)


I don’t even have to write anything about this. Everyone knows the iOS notifications are basically useless and kind of stiff compared to the interactive notifications on Android. Things are bound to change but long way to go and this desperately needs attention from Apple at this point. One of the biggest weak link.

Multi-user on the iPad/iPhone

This is a big one. iPad is already pulled back because of the operating system as it has almost the same features as iOS with some minor changes with the file system (how it’s displayed, functions the same way) mainly. At this point, calling it iPadOS doesn’t make sense. But we are expecting big changes this year as Apple made an iPad with the M1, the monstrous chip that made Intel look like blackberry. This is definitely hopeful since the new iPads come with 8GB/16GB RAM which indicates the same SOC arrangement on the M1 Macs in terms of RAM.


Here are some of the things people are waiting for :

Thanks for ready! Let’s gear up for WWDC 21. Mask up, Stay safe!