Why iPhone X is still the most sensible choice

Apple has discontinued this gem of a phone. Here are a couple of reasons why it’s still my favourite phone!

Siddharth Sai
4 min readNov 2, 2019


Such a beauty!

When Apple launched the iPhone X (Pronounced as 10), the phone was heavily criticised for the notch that it had. Little did people know how useful FaceID was. And then it’s history. Here are a couple of reasons why in 2019, I still love this phone!

Build quality

Every time I pick up the iPhone X naked, it’s a premium feel. I have been using the X since the last 2 years and the phone hasn’t aged even a bit. The phone is completely made of glass which doesn’t scratch or wear out. It still looks brand new and well the design is just not getting old even with the new 11 Pro on the block. I use a case (which I’ll come to soon) and once I while I strip her naked to see the amazing curves.

Every time I remove the case it feels like I just bought the phone. Still super fresh.

The best OLED in it’s class

I can not describe in words how crisp the iPhone X screen is. It’s as good (maybe even better) than most screens out there. I mean of course you can’t compare it to the Pro but it can definitely stand up to any other brand out there. The blacks are deep, it’s perfectly rounded around the corners, PPI is amazing, there is HDR on YouTube videos, name it and you have it. The iPhone 11 Pro is just getting the HDR support. I think Apple went full on and made the anniversary phone in the best possible way.

Every time I apply a new amoled wallpaper, the screen just blows my mind. Still. It’s 2019. Still. Yes.


Those front and bottom speakers are still one of the loudest on a smartphone. They are so good that I mostly prefer using the speakers when listening to music or watching videos when I’m at home. Speakers are reliable. They just work and they sound wonderful.



This one is a little embarrassing for flagship 2020 phones. Would you believe me these photos were taken on a phone that’s almost 3 years old?

Okay. The X doesn’t have a wide angle camera and I’m okay with that. There is also no fancy animations while switching to the telephoto lens. I can live with that too. It’s still the best point and shoot smartphone cameras around. You can see the pictures above don’t you? All these were just taken using the hand with no tripod or additional accessories.


I’m not so happy about his but there is a solution though. I use the XS smart battery case on the X which gives me a full day of juice I usually end the day with 80% battery left on the phone after a heavy day of use. The magical thing about the smart battery case it that the power form the case discharges first and then only when it’s completely out the phone starts discharging. You can remove the case and still use the phone which keeping the case for charging (which is also wireless by the way). Apple still hasn’t introduced the smart battery case for the 11 Pro / max nor the 11.


The iPhone X is no longer available on the shelf but you can easily find it online in stock. A refurbished / used X is easily available for ₹35,000 in India. I think it’s a spectacular buy for 35k.


For ₹35,000 you get the following

1. FaceID

2. Powerful cameras

3. Latest iOS

4. Premium finish

5. Light and compact phone

6. The best OLED screen in its class

7. Powerful A11 Bionic processor

8. HDR video playback

7. Upto 256GB

8. True Tone display

If you’re seriously considering getting an upgrade you can close your eyes and go for the X

Disclaimer: When you buy a used iPhone X make sure that the screen wasn’t replaced. You can check this by taking a look at the display settings. If there is no True Tone option, that means the phone has been repaired at an unauthorised service centre. The True Tone has to be activated on the display chip and should be copied from the old screen sensor during the change which only Apple can do at the moment.

As always. Thanks for reading!



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