“The only two wallpaper Applications you’ll ever need on your iPhone” – Yup!

Who doesn’t like minimalism these days? Human’s have a tendency to get used to things very often and get bored of seeing the same thing again and again. That’s why you have UI updates and other colourful changes when a new operating system update comes out.

And wallpapers are a big part of this. Gone are the days when you launch your browser and Google Image search for wallpapers. It’s truly gone because google stopped linking full res images to their search. That means you have to go to the original web page to download it.

When it comes to wallpapers, tech junkies like me crave for the right quality for my AMOLED and RETINA displays. We are just not satisfied with the usual low resolution one that has wrong dimensions.


Vellum is your perfect stealth wallpaper companion and it has a really good trick up it’s sleeve.

Apart from the wonderful, categorised wallpaper collection, it’s has the ability to blur wallpapers in case you are too much into minimalism like me.

On Vellum, you can do this –

On the home screen, you can have this blurred version of the wallpaper that highlights the icons more for less confusion. This is important when you have too many designs in your wallpaper and makes things a little less clutter free. Plus you can still enjoy the wallpaper on your lock screen and the pull down status bar.

Vellum has collections even for OLED screens that supported deep blacks like the iPhone X, XS and 11 Pro.

Vellum has the ability to preview the wallpaper even before setting it on your phone so you exactly know what to expect.

And the little “eye” button lets you see the wallpaper on your lock screen / home screen as well. Remember the blur button we talked about? That’s the one to the left.

There is no searching for any wallpapers on Vellum and the app hasn’t been updated for over a year. That’s the only downside but the wallpapers on it are of that high quality that you’ll keep coming for it.


This is fairly a new iOS app. It’s still one of the most used wallpaper app on Android. Backdrops is certainly a really modern looking application.

Backdrops is the bomb.

There is a search feature, frequent updates from artists across the world, and even set some of them as your favourites for future use.

The sheer amount of wallpapers on it is insane.

TBH, I have run into weird issues where the wallpaper doesn’t load at all. Backdrops will not let you download the wallpaper until the thumbnail is loaded which sometimes is a little annoying.

The download numbers can show if you the wallpaper you’re downloading is popular or not. Yeah, I kinda roll like that.

The UI on backdrops might be confusing to some as it’s a mix of side menu’s and swipes which takes some time to get used to.

So which one is your favourite?

Immense thanks to Shubhendu and Pankaj for their valuable inputs and screenshots for me as I don’t have the pro version of both the apps. Like Pankaj said on twitter:

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