The 120hz conundrum ~

Before you read this, you should understand that I’m a technology enthusiast. Not an Apple fan. Apple makes high quality premium products that lasts for years than its competitors. If Android ever comes close to that, I’ll be the first one to jump on to it.

Earlier this week, a moderately credible “leaker” posted that Apple did not select the prototype with 120hz screen for mass production.

I trust him as much I trust Google. So you know. Take that with a pinch of salt as he’s really good at posting gif’s once his source goes south.

That’s a good gif.

I tweeted this today —

And this —

And I stand by this.

People underestimate the number of people on this planet. That’s true. Your area of expertise might be around a few thousand people who follow you on social media. There are billions (with a B) of others who use or are planning to buy a phone this holiday season. Billion is a huge number.

If you wanna see what a Billion or even Trillion looks like, this is a good page to get started. You’ll get the scale of things from here

I had a counter argument the other day on Twitter. (I like intelligent arguments).

This is a good time to click on the webpage I posted above if you haven’t.

Apple is a 2 TRILLION dollar company

Tres commas

They don’t need to remove a feature simply because it doesn’t fit their margins. By that logic you wouldn’t have seen the face of iPhone X. Apple delivers the best. They don’t have time for junk products. Also the 2018 iPad Pro has 120hz screen. So it’s not the technology either. Deciding what to ship and what not is not a small decision. Apple doesn’t compromise on battery life. It’s a huge thing for Apple. If they feel it somehow diminishes the previous quality, they will undoubtedly drop a new feature to maintain it. I’m guessing that’s what happened here. On the iPad that’s not an issue as it comes with a massive battery and A12Z is one hell of a chip. If I have the option to turn off 120hz on the iPad, I would definitely use that for an extra hour or two of battery life.

No one downplayed 120hz screen. It is a must. On Android.

I agree.

Android is terrible at smoothness. Even their flagship Pixel devices lag and shutter. Samsung and OnePlus makes better optimizations on Android than Google itself. Google is clearly bored or stuck with Android.

Apple’s infamous “Multi-touch” is still patented. Android emulates it. It’s super noticeable when you pinch to zoom on any android phone vs an iPhone. There is a millisecond delay on Android every time. That’s because the technology behind responsive multi touch belongs to Apple. Android basically emulates the touch.

So with 120hz screen, Android will respond faster. People love it. They are amazed because they finally came close to an iPhone 3GS level of touch experience. (I’m going to get so much hate for this post).

I’m sorry but someone had to say this.

I love Android. The freedom it gives is amazing. But Apple has caught up. They are major league now with customizations.

To sum up, 120hz screen is not a technological breakthrough. Yes it’ll help you shoot someone faster in a game, but on a purely consumer perspective its just another step to come closer to iOS and Apple level touch experience.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far

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