Is Apple still a luxury brand? The 2020 iPhone SE may be just the beginning.

When I heard rumours about the second generation SE, I was hoping for Apple to go the X design on the same form factor of the previous SE. Now since it’s out, I have some deep thoughts on how the company is slowly transitioning.

Ah well. Not all dreams come true.

So two days back, Apple dropped the ball. No pun intended. We got to see the all new SE with the iPhone 8 body ergonomics. Although I appreciate the design I’m sure that it was quite disappointing to people who were expecting the same form factor as the previous SE.

But let’s be practical. Nobody wants a really tiny phone. The old SE was really tiny. Don’t believe me? Try coming from your plus devices to a regular iPhone 8 and you’ll know what I’m taking about. So that was a well thought out decision and not because they had a lot of left over iPhone 8 components.

Meanwhile we are here, I just want to say I hate the XR. For other reasons.

Moving on. What is Apple doing by pricing the iPhone SE for ₹37000 (not calculating the launch prices here, with card discounts, this will be the effective pricing soon).

Do you know how much One Plus is charging for their top end phone? 42k. Apple has undercut them. This is huge. One Plus top level management must be going bonkers hearing the price of the new SE.

Okay. You might be thinking “well this is a budget phone”

Budget only in the pricing my friend!

The new SE is powered by the worlds most powerful processor. It’s 100% more powerful than your PC. Even if it’s running i7.

Did you see that A13 Bionic graph maintaining social distancing?

I honestly didn’t expect Apple to do this. They effectively have the best mid range phone in the market right now. And people love mid range phones that are as good as the iPhone SE.

What I have seen all these years is that, if people can afford the iPhone, that’s their first choice. And once they are in that ecosystem they are never going back. SE has the potential to be the windows XP of machines. That huge wave is just about to move on to iOS in the coming weeks. Millions who are on their last leg of iPhone SE, 6 and 7 will happily upgrade to this without blinking. Apple is looking clearly here to explain its services revenue. Apple Arcade subscriptions are surly going up as we speak.

This by no way means that people will skip the Pro. The next iPhone Pro will have 90Hz + display which will be the ultimate upgrade for quite sometime.

This is a huge wake up call for the competition. Google can kiss goodbye to their 3a lineup, One Plus users will think again before spending 40k on the next flagship killer, and Apple will make a lot of money.

I know that much for sure.

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