Ear(1) by Nothing

Red hot!

Finally that day is here! I have never been this excited for a product since forever. I mean come on, it’s not always that we get to see a new company come up with something credible. Sure there are tech products launching every week, but nothing like this.

Nothing has taken the “Nike” approach to marketing. All the hype was about the experience rather than the product itself. It creates that brand impression for the long-term. +1 for that. I realise I can’t talk much about the product here (no embargo, I’m not a reviewer..haha) but there is something about the ear(1) that I’m attracted to. Starting with the naming. Ear(1) is such a good nomenclature. You can see the attention to detail even before you ever see the product itself.

Okay. Coming straight to the point. There are 2 reason why I’ll surely be getting one and I want to be straight as possible for this-

Couple of minor things I’m concerned

I will eventually get my hands on the Ear(1). Until then, adios. Thanks for reading!




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