A mixed bag of emotions

The excitement was strong on this one. After 3 months of constant refreshing and trying many other sources, I finally got the Ear(1) delivered last week. My Airpods (Gen1) stopped quite sometime back and I was using the Sony WI-C200 for video calls and occasional…

For a minute let’s forget all the fancy drone work and the CGI transitions!

As expected, Apple just released their 21–22 lineup of devices last night and I have really mixed feelings.

Let’s start with the A15 Bionic. It’s very clear that Apple engineering is slowly hitting the theoretical limits…

Red hot!

Finally that day is here! I have never been this excited for a product since forever. I mean come on, it’s not always that we get to see a new company come up with something credible. Sure there are tech products launching every week, but nothing like this.

Nothing has…

There has not been a single leak this time from Apple. They have kept it so tight that even the best of leakers have nothing.

We are in that special time of the year again. The entire world has changed but not our enthusiasm for WWDC. iOS made some drastic…

Time keeping is a complicated process. Humans mastered time keeping somewhere around the 14th century and it’s second generation (lets call it series 2) came at around 1656. It was called the pendulum clock.

But we wanted to check time while on the move. These old clock where huge and…

Before you read this, you should understand that I’m a technology enthusiast. Not an Apple fan. Apple makes high quality premium products that lasts for years than its competitors. If Android ever comes close to that, I’ll be the first one to jump on to it.

Earlier this week, a…

Will Apple get things right with iPhoneOS and iPadOS 14?

It’s that time of the year again.

Excitement, leaks, rumours.

Since WWDC20 is fully online due to the pandemic that’s upon us, Apple servers are going to hit all time high during the keynote. Apple is always good at that. But that’s least of my concern.

That’s because iOS 14…

Siddharth Sai

I write mostly about technology

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